Brand Connection. Strategic Positioning. Engaged Viewers.

Blastro Networks' websites are the ultimate online platforms to connect with 18 - 34 year-old influencers and early adopters who identify with the music and culture offered within our sites and the current trends that surround them. With a combined reach of over 5,000,000 monthly unique visitors and 800,000 weekly, opt-in email subscribers, our sites offer increased exposure for your brand among niche tastemakers.

With sleek and easy-to-navigate interfaces, advertising messages really resonate with Blastro Networks' engaged and highly targeted user base. A pioneer in streaming video advertising, we offer a variety of display and streaming ad options that provide an efficient means to reach your target audience. Additionally, we specialize in custom integrations that go beyond the banner, including site skins, viral widget distribution, and custom programs.

We encourage you to check out our offerings and see why Blastro Networks' advertising solutions have been featured in publications like ClickZ and BrandWeek, among others.

For further information, please contact:

Ben Davis
Senior Vice President of Sales