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Blastro Networks is a music video on demand network. The company's productions feature concert performances, artist profiles, festival coverage, and music lifestyle. Our shows are distributed across four platforms - Online, Mobile, Connected TV, and Out-Of-Home. Distribution partners include Verizon, Samsung, Hulu.

New Global Urban

American urban culture has influenced the world for the the past two decades. Urban culture gone global is the vision of Blastro. We call it the New Global Urban. Blastro features the best of urban culture from around the world and delivers it to our North American audiences. Be it K-pop from Korea, Grime from the UK, Funk from Brazil, Reggaeton from Puerto Rico, or Gbedu from Nigeria, they can all be traced back to the urban street music from America. America is ready to see its musical pedigree all grown up and taking over the world. Blastro is here to deliver the goods.

Live Music Rox

There are many different types of music stars, but none has the cache of the rock star. The rock star is outrageous, the center of attention, and above it all is the flair and showmanship. Our mission is to produce original shows around live performances in front of true fans. For the past nine years, Roxwel has been out in the front row of music festivals and venues with rock’s touring bands and capturing all the excitement from the fan’s point of view. It can get loud, chaotic, and sometimes dangerous, but the exhilaration, perspiration, and excitement of a great rock show create memories that last a lifetime.

Hometown Country

Hometowns are a core piece of the American identity. Country music is stories about our everyday lives. The ups and downs, the loves of our lives, and the simple little joys that make up who we are. Yallwire features country musicians, singers, and songwriters from hometowns all across North America. All of the stories, songs, and performances in the bars and dancehalls is our way of letting loose and having a good time as we celebrate our American identity though our love of country music. Yallwire is Hometown Country.

Latino Roots

Pronounced en Español as BlastroDos, Blastro2 is our newest brand. It emphasizes the cross-border cultural similarities and delivers extensively to them through music and news. We present curated video recommendations to our audience and provide introductions to creative, forward-thinking artists from the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Panama, and Colombia.


The company was founded in 1999. It started doing live video streaming studio shows, music video-on-demand, and scripted web series. By 2002, the company focused operations on music videos. In 2005, consistent revenue was starting to flow through online pre-roll advertising. The company launched two new brands, Roxwel and Yallwire, which focused on rock and country music respectively, and started producing original content. In 2007, the company started building out its ad operations technology. In 2009, the company integrated its ad operations technology with content syndication. In 2012, the company launched its Spanish Language brand, Blastro2 (Blastro Dos).


From our humble startup, the company has evolved into a complete on-demand and live network. We've produced thousands of original content titles and captured live performances from America's grandest venues. We live stream events to any device the fans are watching, be it online, mobile, or connected TV.

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